DIVINORUM produces big, lush, full-on trance & electronica.

The project was started in 1997 by the composer/producer Bjørn Lynne. He is originally from Norway, but now lives in England and works out of his own studio in the English Yorkshire countryside.

In February 2000, Divinorum was "featured artist of the month" in the high profile musicians magazine Keyboard Magazine published in USA, and distributed all over the world.

3 full length Divinorum albums are available: "Isms", "Talisman" and "Power Liquids". They can be ordered directly from Divinorum producer Bjorn Lynne, or from other sources. Please see the discography for ordering details.

In addition to the three full length Divinorum albums available, Various Divinorum tracks have appeared on compilation CDs from several record labels all over the world, including BooM! Records, Tranceplant, Solid Records, TRSI Records, Scope Records, Clubware Records and others.

The music Divinorum features royalty free sound effects from 1Soundfx.com

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